CPVO: HansRend, Application No.: 20190144

Grant/registration No.: 60450

Cultivar description

Harvest time

Junebearer, very early (parallel with or +/- 1-2 days to `Clery´, depending on the cultivation system)

Reference cultivars

`Clery´, `Flair´

Fruit size

Large to medium (20-26 g on average, first fruit up to 34 g)

Fruit appearance

Shiny bright red, very attractive, very glossy

Fruit firmness

Firm flesh, medium firm skin

Shelf life

Very good scores, glossy also after storage


Very pleasant, aromatic, high sugar-to-acid ratio, no drift, aroma stable also after storage


High (90% 1. class fruit, open field: 1.288 g/plant, `Clery´ 956 g/plant, tunnel: 1.337 g/plant, `Clery´ 1.088 g/plant; results from 2019, Cologne)



Plant habit

Vigorous, less plants per meter/hectar possible


Healthy plants, no obvious susceptibility to diseases, prophylaxis to powdery mildew suggested under protected cultivation systems


Low chilling type, open field, greenhouse, tunnel, raised bed, substrate on table tops; fresh market, early market, home gardens