Fragaria ×vesca `Fontaine´
CPVO: Application No.: 20141495

The cultivar 'Fontaine' (European plant variety protection CPVO 2014/1495) is a hybrid between an European wild strawberry (Fragaria vesca) and a Japanese wild strawberry (Fragaria iinumae).

`Fontaine´ is a compact plant as required by the potted ornamental market. The infructescences stand upright even when ripe, and it is still flowering when the first fruits can already be eaten. In the forcing culture in 11 cm pots, the very early flowering cultivar only needs six to eight weeks to be ready for the market. It is advisable to put the plant on sale just before the first fruits are ripe. At the window or on the balcony, the fruits ripen with an intense taste of wild strawberries.

'Fontaine' is also ideal as a ground cover in the garden or in landscaping, as it quickly covers large areas thanks to its good runner formation, which in April/May with its white flowers and in June with the red fruits form a colored area above the foliage. Under supplemental light, delivery is achieved for a Valentine's Day sale date. An attractive product can be offered for Mother's Day in the "blooming potted plant" segment in cold storage or in a protected culture. It is important to ensure long-day cultivation and the necessary pollination of the fruit (which can easily be done by bumblebees in the greenhouse or simply by shaking the tables). In the perennial segment, too, 'Fontaine' is a very easy-to-use horticultural product.

Possible use of `Fontaine´

  • Flowering and fruiting pot plant
  • "balcony fruit"
  • Ground cover landscaping
  • Gourmet fruit
Bodendecker Fontaine